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Ara Autumn Graduation 2017 - Anteater Keynote Speech

"Peter and Bex, as guest speakers at the Ara Autumn Graduation, 2017, were informative, entertaining and professional providing the graduating students and their supporters with some relevant messages around innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and perseverance."
Kay Giles, former CEO, Ara Institute of Canterbury

Peter Randrup & Bex DeProspo


Anteater was formed in May of 2016 when Peter and Bex met at Start-Up Weekend Christchurch.  It's been full steam ahead since then as Anteater has worked tirelessly to bring delicious insects to your favourite restaurant menus and special events.

We acknowledge the imminent crisis surrounding global food security and food sustainability. Due to the major environmental and health benefits of eating insects, we believe that they will play a major role in the future of protein production.

But we know that you won't eat them if they don't taste amazing, which is exactly why we pride ourselves in using fresh, domestic products of the highest possible quality.  We are working with innovative, forward-thinking food producers to put beautiful insect-based dishes on the very best restaurant menus around New Zealand.


Peter grew up on a farm and graduated in 2012 with a BSc in Biological Sciences. Before launching Anteater he ran a seaweed business out of Akaroa. He was involved in every step of the value chain in creating products like 'Kelp pepper' which is used a health supplement & garnish in the food industry.

Bex has a Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship and two masters degrees (MA Hons in English and MSc in Sound Design). Before launching Anteater she oversaw the technical side of major international events such as the Le Web Technical Summit & the Laureus International Sports Awards as well as managing music and theatre venues throughout New Zealand.

Peter & Bex
         Anteater is generously             sponsored by BizDojo

        Anteater is generously             sponsored by BizDojo