Anteater Edible Insects

Your passion for ants and insects alone will open new boundaries in this industry
— Chef Jacob Kear, Clooney Restaurant
People are loving the ants. This is the start of something amazing
— Chef Giulio Sturla, Roots Restaurant
One of the newest ingredients to enter the NZ market... very kaffir lime and lemongrass flavours
— Chef Michael Meredith, Meredith's Restaurant


Wild Harvested NZ Lemongrass Ants ©

Flavour Profile

Lemongrass & kaffir lime with a mild blue cheese aftertaste

"Enormous, incredible & truly original flavour"                                                                          - Outstanding Food Producer Awards

Product Description

100% Wild Harvested Lemongrass Ants from the Canterbury region. Nothing is added or removed. These ants are very small, 1-2mm. Click here for more information about the foraging of our ants


Degustation Dishes, Garnishes, Cocktails, Sauces


Cost per dish varies depending on the application, but is typically $0.50-1.50


NZ Native Grass-Fed Locusts ©

NZ Locusts

Flavour Profile

Often compared to freshwater prawns, mild and buttery

Product Description

Farmed NZ Locusts. Grass-fed and grown in the South Island.


Starters, Degustation Dishes, Cocktails, Garum


$1.50 ea

South Island Huhu Grubs

Huhu Grubs

Seasonal Availability


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